Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the language of the summer school?

A: It is English, including application, communication, courses & talks, posters.

Q: What does the registration fee include?

A: The registration fee covers the courses, talks, special and poster sessions (the latter come with appetizer), coffee breaks, lunch, welcoming cocktail and banquet.

Q: What background is needed to follow the courses?

A: The courses are planned to be maximally self-contained. The attendance of the summer school is mainly addressed to Students (MSc2, PhD students), PostDocs, academics, members of public institutions, and professionals. It requires/assumes a basic knowledge of probability theory, statistics, linear algebra and analysis. Some programming skill is also needed for the in-depth tutorials with practical sessions. The exact requirements will be published under the the “requirements” paragraph of the tutorials.

Q: Is a poster presentation considered as a decisive factor?

A: The primary goal of the poster sessions is to foster interaction; submitting a tentative poster title and abstract is valued positively.

Q: Do I need a visa?

A: You can find practical information here.