– Wednesday, 6 January from 4:30pm to 6:00pm
– Friday, 8 January from 1:30pm to 3:00pm

We are happy to announce that there will be two best poster awards (500 EUR), rewarded during the event!

The winners are :

Chloé Rouyer “Tsallis-INF for Decoupled Exploration and Exploitation in Multi-armed Bandits
Mathieu Barre “Averaging Atmospheric Gas Concentration Data using Wasserstein Barycenters


TitleDayPoster IDNameURL
Cognitive and Programmable Security for Resilient Next Generation NetworksWednesday1Gregory BlancDownload
Recurrence-free unconstrained handwritten text recognition using gated fully convolutional networkFriday2Denis CoquenetDownload
Simulation of GBAR experiment at CERN: does antimatter fall or is there antigravity?Wednesday3Olivier RousselleDownload
Tsallis-INF for Decoupled Exploration and Exploitation in Multi-armed BanditsWednesday4Chloé RouyerDownload
Transfer Graph Neural Networks for Pandemic ForecastingWednesday5Georgios PanagopoulosDownload
On Blood Glucose Level Prediction with Machine LearningWednesday6Mehdi RahimDownload
Pricing using the address : High dimensional data set with heterogeneous qualityWednesday7Pierre P ChatelainDownload
Learning to Segment Objects Using SLAM OutliersWednesday8Adrian BojkoDownload
Change Point Detection over Multi-Variate Time Series – Application to Activity Transition Mining in the Context of Environmental CrowdsensingWednesday9Hafsa El HafyaniDownload
Segmentation of Cloud Patterns from Satellite Images to Improve Climate ModelsWednesday10Kirill VishnyakovDownload
Averaging Atmospheric Gas Concentration Data using Wasserstein BarycentersWednesday11Mathieu BarreDownload
A Two-Stage Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Novelty Detection with Robust Prior Information (This poster contains a GIF; please download and open it with Adobe Reader.)Friday12Andrea CappozzoDownload
Representations of medical concepts learned from 3 millions patients in the French National Health Insurance Database, SNDS (2008-2016)Friday13Matthieu DoutreligneDownload
Using word embeddings to identify key oppositions in natural texts on climate changeFriday14Cameron ShackellDownload
Machine Learning Models through Motion Capture Data: Revealing Mechanisms for Person Identification from Sign Language MotionWednesday15Félix BigandDownload
Deep Learning for Transport Mode Recognition: A Case StudyFriday16Hugues MoreauDownload
Cross-validation Confidence Intervals for Test ErrorFriday17Pierre BayleDownload
Prediction of Risk Factors for Falls in Elderly using Partial Health InformationFriday18Gulshan SihagDownload
Predictive regression modeling with MEG/EEG: From source power to signals and cognitive statesFriday19David SabbaghDownload
Privacy Impact on Generalized Nash Equilibrium in Peer-to-Peer Electricity MarketFriday20Ilia ShilovDownload
Influence of Missing Data on Determining the Number of Components for a PLS Regression on MCAR and MAR mechanismFriday21Frédéric BertrandDownload